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 How to celebrate the yes, I accept, now that we are living in the middle of a pandemic?

The definition of “new normal” is still up in the air, but to keep one of the industries most affected by the Coronavirus pandemic standing, The Knot research team has shared some of the possible post-COVID wedding formats -19. Before entering the subject, it should be clarified that, until an official form is available from the Mexican authorities, these will only be options and not mandatory bets. In any case, it is worth starting to plan how the “yes, I do” will be celebrated in the future and find, in the midst of these paths, a new proposal to celebrate love without neglecting health and the greater good. That, that must remain a priority (with or without a pandemic).


It is basically about celebrating the legal ceremony first and the reception on another date. Many couples have opted for this path, betting on virtual ceremonies or with very few guests in order to commemorate the original date of the wedding, leaving a party with friends and family for later. This format has been one of the most cathartic, since it has allowed couples to join on the date they had established, even in the midst of one of the most uncertain scenarios. Couples also have the possibility of hiring their wedding photographer in person, respecting all measures to avoid contagion.


Midweek weddings 

Because many couples had to change their wedding date, weekends have been busier. Precisely for this reason, and to ensure that your entire team of suppliers can be present on the big day, weekdays have emerged as one of the possible formats for post-COVID-19 weddings. It is worth mentioning that this format is one of the most convenient if you want to continue working with the professionals you chose, as well as being a great opportunity for your guests to have long weekends and, incidentally, improve the experience in general for those who attend your “yes, I accept”.

Weddings in Sequel 

Another of the possible formats for post-COVID-19 weddings. This idea aims to allow couples who have postponed their wedding to celebrate with their guests in a more welcoming and intimate setting. The style is a continuation of the virtual weddings that were celebrated at home, now in person, with very few guests and in a micro-wedding setting to consolidate the union. With this option, couples can get married on the day that was already stipulated, maintaining the conditions of healthy distance and, in addition, choose an alternate day to hold a meeting with the people closest to the couple.

Micro weddings 

This wedding format had already been considered one of the great trends for this 2020; However, with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has now become more important for couples. It is, simply and simply, to hold a celebration with a very small number of guests (30 to 50). It seems impossible to think of such a celebration in Mexico, but the reality is that this type of wedding allows a greater immersion of all the participants in the concept of “yes, I do”, generating a harmonious experience, with luxury details, a menu of 5 stars, the presence of a DJ with an outstanding musical proposal, dream table settings and 100% personalized souvenirs for the guests. If it is about different weddings, it is worth looking at this format that, I am sure, will completely revolutionize the way of celebrating the already traditional “yes, I do”.

Source: www.melissa-lara.com

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