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Finding the ideal photographer for your wedding is crucial, since the images will immortalize the big day that will change your lives. Take note of what you need to consider when hiring your wedding photographer and start preparing your album.

  1. Get to know your photographer

 Georgia and Francisco by Cinco Productions

Before hiring the services of a photographer, meet in person who you have in mind. Chemistry and a good relationship are essential to build trust and feel relaxed in all sessions. It is important that you listen to the experiences and knowledge of your photography provider, as well as review their portfolio.

They can also check if you have any specialties, such as gastronomic photography, artistic photography or portraits. The style of your wedding will also help you define your priorities.

Ask your photographer or his team of professionals about the materials they work with, the techniques they use, the formats and resolutions in which they will deliver your material. Your photographer should not only have technical knowledge, but also capture the essence of the couple.

  1. Information clear as water


Karen and Manuel by Cinco Productions

Information about hours of service, materials, prices and delivery times should be clear to both you and the photographer. Expose all your doubts, have creative talks and pay attention to the information and advice with which your sessions can be enriched.

Remember that respect is the basis of the perfect relationship with the service and product providers involved in your wedding. Be open and friendly in your conversations with photographers and other vendors.

Find out if your photography providers can offer you any promotions, multi-session packages or photo and video packages in various formats. In addition to saving money, the images of the engagement ring and those of the wedding will have the same quality.

  1. Photo sessions: plan them or get carried away?

by Cinco Productions

There are many types of photography sessions: engagement, informal to show the best of your relationship, photos with the family or the bridal party, the traditional formal session, the trash the dress, photos of personal arrangements and the first look… Each one will add details of their romance and personality to the wedding.

Some couples have had a well-defined concept for their photographs for a long time, so when the time comes to meet with their photographer, there is nothing left to do but present the proposal. However, it is also valid to let yourself be guided by your photographer, since he or she has experience in both the realization and the creative process.

In both your formal and casual sessions, creativity and professionalism must flow. Remember that natural postures look better than rehearsed poses and surely your photographer can propose some flattering angles.

  1. What does a photographer see in an image?

Maritza and Oswaldo by Cinco Productions

In addition to the essence of the photo, photographers pay a lot of attention to lighting, image quality and camera angles. These are some aspects that should be taken into account when reviewing the portfolio.

Also consider the certifications and even the awards that your potential photographers have: remember that only certified professionals will guarantee a satisfactory service.

Do not forget that the photos of your sessions and the wedding can be included in the wedding website and even in the thank you notes. They can also be displayed in the toast or as part of the decoration of the reception. Of course, the photos will be kept in your wedding albums, so don’t stop until you find a photographer who meets all your needs.

  1. Options and references


Boho Bride by Cinco Productions

In addition to evaluating originality, style, technique, and quality in their candidates, they can ask their former clients for references and review the blogs, magazines, and websites they have participated in.

The search for your photographer is as important as the selection of the theme of your wedding, the design of your wedding invitations, the type of lighting and the choice of wedding flowers that will decorate the reception. Review all the profiles you need and enjoy the creative process to the fullest.

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