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Hello! On behalf of the entire Cinco Productions team, today we come to tell you about a new trend, which will continue to grow during this 2020, which are the “Petite Weddings”.

These small ceremonies are held from 10 to 50 guests maximum, obtaining an event with more intimacy and symbolism for the bride and groom; in addition to allowing all current health measures to be respected.

The way of celebrating weddings changed drastically due to the pandemic. Social distancing caused thousands of bride and groom to find it necessary to cancel or move the date of their weddings, similarly affecting many companies dedicated to offering their services such as caterers, decorators, furniture, among others. As a result of these events, the bridal industry took the opportunity to reinvent itself and create a new concept for weddings, which will be a trend in the coming months.

 That is why here are 10 REASONS why you should have a small wedding if you are about to get married.


  1. You will surround yourself with those who really matter to you.

You can forget about having to invite Mérida’s aunt that you haven’t seen for years, and with whom you don’t feel the least bit fond. In a small link only your loved ones will accompany you.

  1. You can live with your guests

It always happens at big weddings: being aware that everything goes well and having to greet all your guests means that you do not have enough time to be with those who really matter to you. In a small link you will not have to look good with anyone.

  1. You will be able to offer a better banquet

Small weddings are an excellent excuse to pamper yourself and your guests. You can forget about the classic wedding menu and invest more in an unforgettable and personalized menu. You can offer gourmet snacks, colorful desserts or a cake that surprises everyone, as well as toast with champagne or your favorite wine.

  1. You will pay more attention to details

Do you want your wedding to have an unforgettable decoration? Then it may be a better option to choose a small space so that it stands out. You can place decorations on the walls, corridors and trees yourself. On the other hand, you could hire a jazz group to liven up the dinner.

  1. You will enjoy more

Being surrounded by people you trust, you will feel much more relaxed and you will be able to enjoy your wedding better. The party will be more of a celebration between family and friends, and less of a big production.

  1. You will have more options of places

When you have a wedding of 300 guests, the places are reduced to large gardens, haciendas or halls. However, a small wedding could take place in museums, art galleries, boutique hotels, or restaurants.

  1. It will be a link remembered by all

Your wedding will not be typical, so you can be sure that your guests will remember it forever.

  1. You will be able to better control your budget

It will be much easier for you to stay within your budget, because, in addition to being able to control everything, you will avoid many unforeseen events typical of large links.

  1. You can show off with the details

You will have time and money to make personalized souvenirs, perhaps made by yourself (which will add a lot of value to them). You can create your own centerpieces with Mason Jars, lace and seasonal flowers, and place unforgettable details to pamper your guests, such as glasses with their names, vases of flavored lemonade or homemade cupcakes.

  1. You will save for a more luxurious honeymoon.

The money you save from the wedding, you can invest in the honeymoon of your dreams. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of pesos on a giant wedding, use that money to embark on an unforgettable romantic journey.


Source: Nuptials Magazine.

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